Rhodes Relaunches Squish – A Convenient Snack for Kids

Rhodes research reveals that moms want a convenient snack for kids

Research revealed by Rhodes, the brand known for quality, convenience and innovation, indicates that the biggest factor influencing moms when food shopping for their young children is convenience. The research was undertaken prior to the relaunch of Squish, a convenient and on-the-go food puree for young children.

Food pouches offer convenience

In addition, the research sought to understand how moms like to feed their children. It found that, of the 202 moms who took part in the study, 80% said that pouches are the most convenient way to feed their children. Of the participants, 89% were first-time moms.

“Interestingly, we found that moms like to purchase four or more pouches at a time to stock the pantry, rather than buy pouches as they need. This is because pouches offer easy, convenient and mess-free ways for children of all ages to eat on-the-go,” says Richard Phillips, commercial director at RFG Foods.

Nutritional content is key

Rhodes research further revealed that when shopping for foods for their children, 34% of moms care most about the nutritional information available on the food label, while 31% of moms said that knowing what ingredients are in the product has a bigger impact on their purchasing behaviour.

23% of moms said that it was more important to not have any added preservatives, while only 10% and 2% respectively ranked no added sugar and salt as the most important consideration factors.

Rhodes relaunches Squish

On the back of this research, Rhodes has relaunched the popular and convenient range of purees for young children, Squish, which only uses 100% fruit and vegetables. No sugar, salt, preservatives, colourants or starch is added.

“We kept most of the original flavours, and we also introduced new and exciting choices where we found complementary combinations of the highest quality fruit and vegetable purees,” says Richard Phillips, commercial director at RFG Foods.

Squish pouches are convenient as children can feed themselves straight from the pouch. All pouches are resealable and come with anti-choking lids.

The new Squish 110ml pouch range comes in 15 new and improved flavours, such as Strawberry & Banana, Fruit Salad, Mango & Banana, Summer Berries and Pear & Sweet Potato, amongst others.

Squish is available at all major retailers and wholesalers.