New Rhodes TV ad tells story of what food teaches us

Rhodes’ first television commercial, flighting from this week, aims to connect with consumers on an emotional level, rather than focus on product, by showcasing the many lessons that food teaches us.

Partnering with advertising agency, OwenKessel Leo Burnett, Rhodes took a brave and bold step in creating an advert that is somewhat unexpected from the FMCG category.

The Creation of the Ad

“This ad is an emotive story facilitated by the brand, not told by the brand. We wanted to show consumers that even though we are a food brand, we understand that a meal is so much more than just a plate of food,” says Rhodes Marketing Manager, Anneli Moolman.

This sentiment is brought to life by the ad’s voiceover that talks about how much we learn over a plate of food and reminds us that it’s not just about what’s on our plate that’s important, but who we share it with.

“The authenticity of the ad lies in the fact that we used real people, not actors. The elderly couple has been married for over 60 years, everyone in the big family is related and the students have grown up together. This chemistry contributed to the work no longer being an ad, but rather a beautiful story,” says Donovan Bryan, Executive Creative Director from OwenKessel Leo Burnett.

Rhodes’ own recipes were used to make the food featured in the advert, which includes, amongst others, corn bread, three-bean salad and trifle. Bryan explains that the food was so enjoyable that the cast wanted to finish eating before filming the next scene, adding that, “No effects were needed to make the food look appetising.”

“People will be able to relate to the scenes as they reflect everyday life; these are real, the connections and emotions are authentic. We are proud of what we have achieved,” says Moolman.

Petar Spiljevic is the award-winning director behind the advert, while newcomer Brooke Annibale created the music. The sixty second advert is set to flight on DSTV, SABC, e.TV and Massiv TV