COVID-19 update – 03 December 2021

Shown below are the statistics of the number employees of RFG who have tested positive for COVID-19 and those who have recovered, to date.


RFG will continue to screen employees at every site, in order to ensure that the risks of infection are mitigated.


COVID-19 cases by production facility

Production facility Employees tested positive Employees recovered
Fruit Products Western Cape (Tulbagh) 83 83
Groot Drakenstein (Western Cape) 201 197
Vegetable Products (Limpopo) 44 44
Dry Foods (Durban) 17 15
Meat Products (Krugersdorp) 30 28
Juice Products (Wellington) 26 26
Salads and Pickles (Bethlehem) 10 10
Fruit Products Eswatini 69 67
Ready Meals Gauteng and Pies (Aeroton) 43 41
Bakery Products (Johannesburg) 17 16
TOTAL 540 527


RFG continues to take all possible measures to mitigate the risk of the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure safety for all at its production facilities. The group is working closely with government authorities who have been supportive in ensuring employee wellness and safety as well as the uninterrupted business operations and supply of food products to all customers. The Department of Health as well as the Department of Employment and Labour (DOL) have been notified of all incidence of COVID-19.


Bruce Henderson