Rhodes Quality

Rhodes is a contemporary and innovative brand that aims to delight consumers by always offering more: Be it quality ingredients, innovative packaging or quick and easy recipes.

Bull Brand

Bull Brand is a brand leader that enjoys an iconic status in South Africa. In order to retain its number one market position and brand loyalty, Bull Brand consistently delivers on taste and quality.


Rhodes Squish is a range of 100% fruit and vegetable puree that is packed in convenient re-sealable pouches. Developed for babies from 6 months and older, all of the products are preservative free, colourant free, flavouring free and contain no added starch – making Rhodes Squish a great choice for parents.


Magpie is a growing brand that appeals to those who appreciate quality and a product that is generously filled with taste. It’s a pie that leaves the tummy feeling full and the consumer satisfied.


In the past one hundred years, Ma Baker has gone from a small family-owned business to a popular South African brand. Producing quality baked and frozen products with a taste of South African flavour in every crisp and golden pie, samoosa and snack.


The Hinds brand consists of delicious, traditional custards as well as spices which are milled and blended from quality spices.


Pakco, established in 1948, provides a convenient and authentic tasting curry solution.


For over 100 years, Bisto gravy and cook-in sauces provides the deliciousness and comfort of a home-cooked meal in a convenient product.

Southern Coating

Southern Coating offers a range of delicious crispy coatings.


Trotters jelly is a trusted brand, delivering great fruity taste and colour to any dessert.