The Board comprises two Executive Directors and six Non-executive Directors. Four of the Directors are Independent Directors, including the Chairperson. All appointments are to be confirmed on an annual basis.

Independent Chairperson

Yvonne has 16 years worth of experience as an independent director in companies, including Sanlam, Aurecon, Africon and Mossgas. Her past executive experience includes working with Coca-Cola Africa, MTN and Sanlam. Yvonne is currently servings as a board member at Thebe Investment.

Independent Non-executive Director

Mark has 21 years’ experience within the Edcon Group where he has served as Deputy CEO, CFO and CE of group services.

Independent Non-executive Director

Thabo is the CEO and co-founder of Thesele Group. He has 30 years’ professional experience in a number of companies, including Cazenove South Africa, Afric Oil and Oceana. He is currently a board member at Vodacom Insurance, Hulamin and Prudential Portfolio Managers.

Independent Non-executive Director

Andrew has 15 years worth of experience in the agricultural and agricultural finance industry. His previous positions include Chief Strategist of the Land Bank and General Manager of ABSA Agriculture.

Non-executive Director

Chad is the Co-founder and Chairman of Capitalworks with 16 years worth of private equity investing experience to his name. He is also a board member of certain investee companies of Capitalworks.

Non-executive Director

Garth is the principal of Capitalworks private equity funds and has over 16 years’ experience in private equity investing. He currently serves as a board member of certain investee companies of Capitalworks.

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director

Bruce has been the CEO of Rhodes Food Group since 1999. He began his career with the Group at the Eswatini operations and led the acquisition of Rhodes Fruit Farms and resultant establishment of Rhodes Food Group.

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director

Tiaan has been the CFO of Rhodes Food Group since 2000. Prior to joining the Group, Tiaan spent 9 years at Deemster Foods.

None of the Directors, nor any other Directors within the Group, is a partner with unlimited liability.